Dragons Lair school of Japanese Martial arts is Kilkenny's biggest Martial Arts and Fitness centre and houses many different styles of Martial Arts.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu jitsu is one of the oldest traditional martial arts.

Our chief Instructor Larry McEnroe holds a Master grade World recognized qualification in Jiu Jitsu and is supported by a range of black belt instructors.


KyuJutsu is the way of the bow and teaches the student how to handle the bow, fire arrows from multiple positions even whilst moving.

We train in the Yamabushi Ryu style.

We have a dedicated archery range that is designed for Kyujutsu.

Our Club archers hold many Irish, European and World titles and play a pivotal role in coaching students across all age and ability levels.


We also have a very successful Ken-Jutsu school for the teaching of the Japanese sword.

Beat the Bully

Our Beat the Bully after schools Programme helps promote street awareness, fitness and coordination.

All the clubs within Dragons Lair are members of world governing bodies and have the backing and support of these federations .

Chief Instructor Larry McEnroe

Shihan Larry Mc Enroe 7th Dan Jiujitsu,2nd Dan KyuJutsu,1st Dan Kenjutsu ,unarmed combat Instructor Irish Defence Forces.

Shihan Larry McEnroe is the founder of Dragon's Lair Martial Arts and Kyujutsu Ireland and Presdient of Jiu Jitsu International Ireland.

He holds the following grades:

7th Dan Jiu Jitsu
5th  Dan Kyujutsu
1st Dan Ken Jutsu

In addition he is also an unarmed combat instructor for the Irish Defence forces.